Premier Master Thatchers "more enquiries please"

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 14:02

When a client asks us to produce more website enquiries, we ask ourselves two important questions:

a)Is the website receiving enough of the right traffic?
b)Is the website a "conversion machine" converting enough of the visitors into "enquiries"?

When reviewing the existing website it was immediately clear that the answer to both was an emphaticNO and we needed to address both issues

The solution was firstly to create an outstanding new Wordprss website, in our view better both visually and in terms of content than any of the competitors, one that would encourage potential new clients to contact the client

Secondly,we undertook onsite SEO work to "optimise" the site with the objective of appearing in the top 3 search results on Google across 10 targetted geographic areas.

We are delighted to report that the results were immediate, with the average daily position improving from 5.23 in mid March up to 3.41 in mid May and now at the beginning of September at 2.14, achieving 10 first places on Google for targetted search phrases and 21 out of 22 in the top 5. Importantly, the client has reported a steady stream of new enquires both on the telephone and via the website enquiry form.